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Installing home entertainment and smart home systems today requires construction and handy man knowledge but also requires an understanding of technology integration.   Installations can be tedious and confusing.  Enjoy your smart home and entertainment sooner without the headache of the set up.  We also teach you how to use your new systems so you can get the most out of your investment.   Below are just a few services we offer that smart homeowners want today. We are experts in technology, audio visual commercial services, physics and construction.   Make your home  smart, safe, and more cost efficient.  Call us to learn more. 415.516.8048


Smart Doorbell: Now you can monitor all the activity outside your front door and talk to anyone who is outside your door without having to open the door whether you are at home or away.   Full service solution includes installation, app set up, and training, plus equipment purchase.  Installation time is approximately 2-3 hours.  Fee includes setting up the app on your phone and teaching you how to use the system.  Installation fee is $399.


Smart TV:  You just bought your new 60’ SUHD TV and can figure out how to set it up but it will be tedious.   We can set it up and manage the wires nicely so it looks and works great.   Want Netflix, Amazon TV, HULU?  Want to control the TV from your Phone?  Want wireless speakers?  We can do all of that for you.  Pricing starts at just $399.  Call us for an in home consultation.


Voice and App Activated Lighting:  Now you can control the lighting in your home with your voice or you can activate your light while you are away from home via a mobile app.  Save huge on your electric bill and eliminate changing light bulbs for years.  Pricing starts at just $299.  Color lighting you can alter to nearly limitless color choices available too.  Call for details.

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